Can I Ask You Something ...

• Do you spend way too much time searching for things instead of getting things done?

• Does a look at your email inbox makes you feel like you've lost control?

• Do you spend way to much time on your phone because it's cluttered and full of distractions?

• Does social media makes you feel unworthy and like you're not good enough?

• Do you download countless freebies but never get results from them because you don't implement the information?

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Do You Want To ...

• Ditch the digital overwhelm and set up a digital space that supports you and your work.

Save yourself hours of searching and distraction and finally get things done.

Have a solid foundation for your productivity.

Why I've Created This Course

I get so many messages from people who have systems and tools in place and still struggle to tick off their to-dos.

And that's because they miss the foundation of being productive and getting things done.

No matter which systems and tools you have in place, when it takes you forever to find things and when you're overwhelmed with your digital workspace, you'll always struggle to tick off your to-dos.

Being digitally organized is the foundation of being productive and getting things done.

Let's Have A Look At An Average Day:

🤯 Where did I save this document? -> 5 minutes of searching (about 2 -3 times a day)

🤯 I know I've bookmarked this site. But where is it? -> 5 minutes of searching

🤯 Which one of the 7 design apps is the one to create animated Instagram stories? -> 5 minutes of searching

🤯 Oh, look - someone liked my Instagram post. Let's have a quick look. -> 15 minutes of scrolling (Be honest - how often???)


🤯 On your scroll you saw a post of a competitor who just launched this amazing offer. -> 30 minutes of feeling like you're not good enough

Just these few things can easily cost you about an hour a day.

Wouldn't it be great to get back this time and spend it on things that really matter?

What does Declutter & Organize Your Digital Space include?

→ 10 video lessons to help you declutter and organize your computer/laptop, your inbox, phone, and social media.

→ A module about how to get the most out of this course.

→ A bonus module about "How To Manage The Freebie Overload."

→ Action steps for each module.

→ A checklist to help you keep your digital space clutter-free and organized.

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Petra Steinacher

Hi, I'm Petra!

I help coaches and service providers be more productive so that they have time to do what they enjoy doing.